Vizag – A bouquet of whistle podu moments

A big grin is apparent when you arrive at the Vizag airport. The mountains afar and gardens around give it a real picturesque feel. The grin however turns into grimace when local cab (taxi) and rickshaw (tuk-tuk) drivers recognise you as the ‘outsider’. Being an outsider in your own country is a strange feeling, but such is the nature of our motherland, you don’t always have to be from the North-East to be an outsider! Language and appearance are enough giveaways, and they ensure you don’t have to be robbed at gunpoint; unpleasantly as it may be, you are left with no choice.

The city is laid back but noisy and surprisingly spotless. Clean and pothole free tar roads, huge banners with Tollywood (south Indian) actors looming large and heavy lighting characterise the main roads. The narrow lanes too are surprisingly smooth and every home is charecterised by a hand drawn rangoli at its entrance . Our cab driver proclaimed, chief minister Chandra Babu Naidu gets all the credit for the surprisingly decent roads in the city.  Well, regardless of whoever gets the credit, i sure wish Maharashtra and in turn Mumbai learns a few things from Andhra Pradesh.

The rickshaw drivers were wearing three different colours of clothes; either full black, full red or the normal khaki. Took me a while to understand those (black and red) were not really uniforms, but were based on the gods they worshiped. Another interesting facet of the city are the innumerable hospitals that it occupies. I later learnt that there is a well planned medical town built very close from the city, but Vizag itself boosts of incredibly high number of hospitals. The area where we stayed was dominated by the huge and beautiful structure of King George Hospital but sheer amount of smaller hospitals and pharmacies around the place astonished us. That wasn’t the only thing though. We were also surprised by some of the stalls specifically set up across public places to provide music, videos, apps and other mobile services. We have seen such services disappear from Mumbai a long time ago.

Vizag also has some unique gastronomy treats! Popular among them are the sweets Potrekelu, Kaja and Bobbatlu. Potrekelu is like rolled pan cakes of rice flour and sugar, which we didn’t particularly enjoy. However, Kaja made from wheat flour was delicious. Bobbatlu was very similar to a maharashtrian delicacy (Sanja Poli) and showcased the similarities in differences, a characteristic that epitomises India. As we walked in search of delicacies we noticed the use of ash-gourd (one of my favourite vegetable for its juice) on the doors of every store to keep away bad omen.

One begins to breathe freely and enjoy Vizag when they walk towards the beach. The view of the sea stands out from a distance as the narrow lanes roll down in curves towards the promenade. The sun shines through the reflection, and the sea grows on you even from a fair distance. My heart began to whistle at the sheer beauty of the sea and the sheer fun of this elevation. From the well spaced out promenade, i could see the buildings lining up like Marine Drive (Queen’s necklace), however the small stairs and curved lanes between the buildings made the view even cuter. We wondered if there was ever a time, when the beach was upto those steps near each building and if the road bordering the sea along with the promenade was built much later. Maybe someone from Vizag can confirm. The absolutely stunning beach is still a few steps down from the promenade, and makes you wonder how Vizag is so elevated from the sea level.

The beach was probably more clean due to the preparations from the Navy day, which was just two days prior to our visit. Unsurprisingly cricket seemed to be the most popular sport of the weekend, and the beach was decorated by silhouettes of cricket players thronging the beach early morning. My lens managed to catch a few glimpses of the truly whistle podu moments we had during our time at Vizag.

Mumbai’s Chowpatty must have looked the same in 80s
absolutely breathtaking evening at the beach
Sunrise at the east coast


early morning cricket


Argh! if only had a female model on the other side ūüėČ


Vizag is indeed full of art
Ramakrishna beach


early morning cricket


rishikonda beach
chasing the pigeon


another of those silhouettes
one of my favourite shots, nothing comes close to a fathers love.


Write to me if you need any guidance on stay or places to visit, as well as your experience of this truly unique and beautiful city.

There ain’t no revenant

Live each moment they say.
Pain or Joy, experience each day.
So I live. Chores everyday.
Until my conscience comes clean.
But like a rusted machine.

They say men are different.
They feel.
They choose.
A vision. A goal.
The path and their role.

But I tread everyday,
No Vision. No goal.
Running circles, around a hole.
A machine does better.
Algorithms to guide,
Appears go-getter.

Then again, machines are lucky.
Commit a sin.
And it’s the algorithm that’s pinned.
Men get caught in the current.
Even god willing,
There ain’t no revenant.
There ain’t no revenant.


It was winter again. The beautiful red and orange hues of fall had given away for naked brown barks and the whites of the snow. Soon the valley would be painted white, much like her mood.

Her thoughts were wearing her down as she walked through the valley with her red umbrella. It stood out against the dull winter evening, braving her on instead of embracing those dark thoughts.

As the wind rushed past her, swaying her umbrella, she thought about the positives in her life. The image of her ten year old son came to her mind.  He must have returned from school by now and waiting for her at the window, she thought. She recollected how he liked eating snow flakes and sliding down the snow. Winter was his favourite season. For her though, the dry cold and memories of the past left her gasping. Her thoughts turned sour again. She tried to shake them off as she took the last curved stretch before her home.

It was getting dark now with the sun well past the horizon; the silence in the valley dwindled only by a few lanterns. As she reached within sight of her home, she gazed upon one of the mountain peaks that was still visible. Her home had a small porch with couple of chairs overlooking part of the valley as well as the mountain peaks afar. She looked at the window, it was half open and dimly lit. As she reached near, closing her umbrella, she called out for her son but with no response. A creaking sound welcomed her home as she turned the door open, she looked around and called for him again but the silence was deafening.  She shed her belongings and took a few steps inside and towards the stairs to see if he had dozed off on the loft. He had done that before. They had a big loft with a small bed and a table that served as his personal space. A few stairs up, she stared at the empty loft, her heart was now pounding. The dry cold of the winter brought many animals to the valley and she was shaking with fear. As she turned around, she heard a few footsteps from the wooden porch outside. Her blood curdled now, she waited a second before rushing outside. The empty chairs stood witness to the dark silence. Her vision turned blurry looking at the endless stretch of darkness and the mountain peaks barely visible now.

Suddenly, she felt a hug from behind, gripping her legs. She felt the hands of her son, she touched them, turned around and hugged him tight. She cried with joy, with darkness obliterated by his presence. He smiled at her naughtily and wiped her tears. She hugged him again and realised her life had turned a new leaf, a new winter and all that mattered to her now was her son. They sat down on the porch steps looking at the snow capped mountains as snow began to pour again. He stretched his hand out to meet some snow balls. She joined him with a smile.



Isar – life is here.

Every city has a character of its own, could be its rich history with old unesco heritage buildings, museums, sculptures around the city, shopping malls, plazas, dancing fountains, gardens, beautifully constructed bridges, famous hotels or restaurants, tall sky scrapers or just short buildings preserving the heritage and of-course the people that make the city.

On our recent visit to Munich we had a beautiful view of the park on the sides of river Isar. Its a great place to relax, socialise, read a book, have a beer, experience the evening wind and the cold water gushing your feet. If you are in Munich, make sure to pack a quick snack and visit this beautiful place.

As the sun sets down Muncheners return to the serene part of their daily lives.¬†And we realised this was an inseparable¬†part of Munich’s culture.



Consolation Pictures

The enthusiast photographer in me would have liked to picture the supermoon, the world has been talking about since last 14 hours. Unfortunately, i only got wind of it at about 8:30 pm last night. I jumped out to my terrace but by then Mr. Moon had decided to get back to being “normal”.

The skies of Mumbai looked the usual and it was only from social sites that i realised the gravity of my miss. I have assigned Siri with a crucial task yesterday, to remind me of the supermoon in 2034!

I decided to walk my disappointment with a stroll on a nearby lake. With an iPhone 5s as my only camera i did run into some consolation pictures.


Dog on wheels

The way from Neuschwanstein Castle is a steep one and you need to sprint since there is limited time to catch the bus to Hohenschwangau.

While i was catching my breath i noticed an old man walk¬†past me, dragging his suitcase¬†along. As i looked down at the suitcase, i couldn’t control my smile. Here was a cute dog popping out as if to say, “dude, u suck! Look at my friend here!”


Photo tour through Kreuzberg

Kreuzberg, happening they said! Well, we walked along on a Sunday morning and didn’t see much moving. But then again, our purpose was to see the graffiti more than the clubs. Here is a photo tour..


Such beautiful portraits!
Such beautiful portraits!


The three monkeys? Not naming them but the representation?! Hilarious!
The three monkeys? Not naming them but the representation?! Hilarious!

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