This past week

This past week has been eventful. Have met so many new people and remembered some that walked away. Travelling on your own, with your camera for company is an unmistakably interesting journey that reveals a whole new world and opens up new vistas; cracking some old perceptions. However, as time goes by and you see the world passing by you, some moments can make you feel really lonely!

Barcelona, I said to my family. I needed some time for myself and so I picked up a bag and caught a plane to the mediterranean city, the home of football.

The city grows on you. And so do its people. Tourists, locals, outsiders, refugees, rich, homeless! The city has all kinds. But, all with a smile on their face. With an unemployment rate of close to 25% the city’s economy is reeling; tourism still contributes heavily to its economy and tourists are welcomed.

Living in a hostel gave me an opportunity to meet and interact with so many people from across the world. From the use of anti depressant pills by Belgians, Greece wanting world war 2 money from Germans, the tendency of the Germans to expect discipline, the Spanish siestas, Hindu-Muslim divide, Chinese speaking Italian over english and New Zealanders having sex on the bunk bed above me! The hostel gave it all!

Connecting with so many people for a few hours or days and then saying the good byes, or the usual see you when we run into each other again, brought back memories of people that walked out of my life. People that I loved, and I know as it stands, I won’t ever see them again.

But then again, this trip has truly taught me to live in the moment. See what’s before you and live it! What’s gone is gone. For better or worse, people leave you once their part in your story is over. It doesn’t matter how much you yearn for them, they aren’t coming back.

I had read two books before coming to the city. The shadow of the wind and prisoner of heaven, both fictions by Carlos Zafon. One of the lines from his book, always brings a grin on my face. He says, destiny is usually just around the corner. Like a thief, a hooker or a lottery vendor: its 3 most common personifications. But, what destiny doesn’t do is home visits, you have to go yourself.

For everyone reading, if you are loosing or have lost that special person or people for whatever reason, don’t let them go away with ease. Fight to keep them.

Sitting at MNAC near Montjuic park, looking down at the sun setting in Barcelona, I wonder if I did give it all to keep them. I guess I did. Sometimes there is only so much you can do before letting it go.

And with today’s sun set I hope, I can let it all go. Love remains. Memories remain. But destiny beckons. New vistas await. New connections await. Few more days in a fabulous city, Barcelona, await.



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