The sweet side of Barcelona

When one thinks about Barcelona, one thinks about Gaudi, architecture, splendid beaches, rocking night life, delicious food, gothic quarters and Monserrat! Not many think of Chocolate! Am not sure how many people know that Barcelona has a tradition for chocolates! Delicious and dark! Just the way i love them.

As for food, i did love the brunches in Federal Cafe and Cafe Emma but nothing can beat the taste of hot chocolate and churros especially when you are searching for the best ones in the city.

A walk across the Gothic quarters and you will find two best places to have hot chocolate. Valor chocolateria is a traditional styled cafe that serves absolutely delicious hot chocolate. They also sell hot chocolate powder, chocolate bars and other varieties. Try the dark chocolate bar filled with hazelnut.

The Valor Chocolateria     A Cup of Hot Chocolate & Churros.

The next stop is Dulcinea. This one was a bit hard to find but is an absolute gem. The best churros in Barcelona! I missed out locating Dulcinea a couple of times since they are closed in the afternoon.

Dulcinea Way to Gothic Quarters

Apart from the hot chocolate also try:

  • gelato at Manna Gelats and Amorino. Delicious!
  • macaroons at enric rosich (on passeig de gracia) – Yum! I packed some for home on my last day.
  • cakes & sweets at Pastisseria La Colmena
  • Torrons from La Campana – its a local delicacy, a type of nougat.

Next up was Bubo, they have a pastisseria near Picasso museum or a small outlet on passeig de gracia inside Barcelona boulevard. Must try their Macadamia nuts coated with Vanilla and chocolate. The taste is bitter to begin with but slowly bursts into a salty chocolate flavour vanilla. Absolutely loved it! Take a couple of tins home! Also checkout the chocolate coated ginger! Nice change from the regular stuff.

The tin boxes that i got home!
The tin boxes that i got home! And only wish, i had gotten more!

There is one local chocolate brand that did fascinate me the most though. Amattler, a brand whose history dates back to early 19th century and now taken over by Simon Coll – another popular chocolate brand. I tried various products from both Amattler and Simon Coll and must say, Amattler wins hands down. For years i have found Lindt’s 70% dark chocolate hard to beat. However, i finally found its match in Amattler’s 70% Ghana dark chocolate. Try it!

IMG_4512 IMG_4523

I can’t wait to go back to Barcelona and run into more delicious cafes and pastisserias. And buy more Amatller chocolate off course!

If you have been to any of these cafes/passtisseria, or ran across something that you liked in Barcelona, please share your experience. Would love to hear from you.

Here are a few links to get you started. Let me know if you need directions! 😉

  • Link for La Colemena where you can buy Amattler chocolates: La Colmena
  • Link for the best churros and hot chocolate: Dulcinea
  • Link for best Macadamia nuts in the city: Bubo

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