Diving towards life

We are flying at about six thousand feet above sea level,
Sitting with my feet up, my hands holding on to a clamp on the side of the hard seat.
We can spot some storm clouds at a distance above the sea.
Green Mountains on the right, City full of canals on the left.
I must be in heaven i thought.
For a moment there was no sense of adventure,
I had lost track of everything else in my life,
the beauty of Empuriabrava was overwhelming.

Then the pilot slowed down the plane and stopped it mid-air,
The door opened and suddenly i realized we were in the plane to skydive!
My trainer looked at me and asked me to relax.
A guy at the door looked at the pilot, gave a thumbs up and
jumped backwards so casually like diving in a swimming pool.
My jaw dropped at that instance, nervous energy creeped in.
I gulped down some saliva and looked at my camera man.

‘Are you up for it’, he asked. ‘Lets fuck’ i responded, although slightly nervous.
I wanted to jump badly, that was the reason i had came to Barcelona in first place.

The door closed & we climbed up higher.
I have been in a regular commercial plane umpteen number of times,
but sitting in a small plane with the knowledge that you have to dive, isn’t comforting.
There was a feeling of excitement but i still found rubbing my hands and i saw some smiles around me.

At about fifteen thousand feet above sea level the plane stopped again in midair,
Three divers who were a picture of calmness all this time slid forward near the door,
And within a minute all three jumped out together holding hands! Beautiful!
My trainer hooked onto my belt. The camera man stepped forward.
And we shouted in unison, “lets do this”, generating positive energy!
The camera man steps out on the wing of the plane and
the next thing I know is we are ready at the edge of the door.
I knew all the instructions given before the take-off and surprisingly there was no nervousness now.


We jumped out, And i gulped again! Fists closed hard! Probably biting my teeth as well.
Those first couple of seconds after we jumped out, i almost found myself saying, “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!”

Jumping Out

And then you let it all go. My trainer asked me to relax. And i did.

There was no fear then. No fear of death.
There was only life. A feeling of being alive.
The next 45 seconds were the best i will ever live.

There is this adrenaline rush in skydiving that is unique.
The free fall lasts for about 45 seconds and you are travelling at 150km/h straight down with gravity.
My cheeks were feeling all the pressure. Ear drums shut.
But it was ecstasy. We fooled around in the air with the camera man shooting the freefall right through.


Look at those cheeks going back with pressure!
Look at those cheeks going back with pressure!


Then the parachute is pulled up at around five thousand feet and i could relax looking at the scenery around us.

We could spot costabrava, the town of roses, the Mediterranean sea and Empuriabrava below us. Mesmerizing!

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