A walk around the city

A stroll around mumbai is always charming, especially with a beautiful blue sky in the evening with stripes of whites. The crawford market doesn’t look this charming everyday! Never the less, it is a place that attracts almost everyone that wants to get a good deal!

crawford_market     Mumbai CST


We were a bit unhappy with the limited selection of artefacts compared to a few years ago, still, it does remain one of the cheapest places in Mumbai to do your shopping!

There are times when the roads of this city might still generate a certain nostalgia. The picture of a guy pedaling down the street to Victoria terminus, now known as CST, and the roads devoid of any significant cars, makes it look like a picture dated a good 15-20 years ago! Well, a few things still haven’t changed in this part of the city, have they?

And then there is Anjuman Islam College at the end of the same road, right in front of CST.

Truly rolling down the years! A walk across some parts of this city is still nostalgic!


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