Schweiz & Deutschland trip – beginning

“You know what? we are going to travel light this time” i made a note to myself. A sort of commitment that is easier said than done!!

This will be our third trip together away from the indian shores; and on both previous occasions we had a hard time carrying around hoardes of luggage. I remember sucking at a weight lifting show on a train to Venice and telling myself to either beef up or travel only with a jeans & a tshirt. But then, thats the thing about “luggage”, you end up hoarding the necessities, emergencies (the just in case stuff!), luxuries, travel stuff (things you bought months earlier essentially for trips! Yikes!), medicines, food and the list is endless. This year i even added my tripod along with the camera.

So “travelling light” sounds terrific but in the end its just “travel as light as you can”.

Having cancelled a trip to Switzerland and germany a couple of years ago, the destination was fairly straightforward. I guess, just making over for lost time!

After going through umpteen pages on internet including foders, blogs, TripAdvisor, YouTube and making a few mistakes on the way here are a few pointers for fellow novice:

1. Make plans and book early
2. Stay flexible
3. As point one & two might contradict, just enjoy whatever is  thrown at you Рits better than sitting home anyways!

For last few months i had been worried about this journey since we selected Turkish Airways with connection at Istanbul – with a transfer time of about an hour. Yeah yeah, the coup & all that! Ironically i saw a magzine on the plane which gave a timeline in pictures of “the coup” and how democracy won. Nice touch! Hush! Still need to use the same connection to come back! And while we are at it, i have had a fabulous time in istanbul before and would really like to come back someday to stay for a month in turkey. Its a nation of marvelous people and enchanting nature.

In the end the transfer needed help from a kind turkish man who allowed us to jump ahead in the security check queue and then a 200 meters sprint! Decent practice workout for the hikes ahead.

On reaching Zurich, we realised that though we made the sprint, turkish airways failed to deliver and left us with first day without our essentials! Yeah, any missing luggage suddenly becomes essential.

The weather was rainy and chilly in Lauterbrunnen. And though it took another three hours by train the views were spectacular!!

A couple of shots from our Valley Hostel Bed & Kitchen below.

Shot from the Valley Hostel Kitchen
Shot from our bed!

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