Schwarzwald – Serene & Stunning!

After spending three days in the beautiful valley of lauterbrunnen we moved on to deutschland. Our first stop in Germany was Blackforest. For years i had been yearning to experience blackforest – not just their cakes but the dense green schwarzwald region that was so beautiful in every single picture i had seen.

We stayed at a 150 year old ancestral home of a beautiful german lady in gengenbach.

The villa was built by her great grandfather and has a beautiful ‘peace’ tree in front of the porch. Quite a setting! Gengenbach is a small town that can be covered in a couple of hours walk but its incredibly beautiful with vineyards on one side, river flowing through the other and red roof tops dotting the place. Some homes are designed contemporarily yet preserving the old charm, while some have beautiful courtyards. There was a swimming pool around our place and we could see kids lining up to beat the summer heat. For us though, mid twenty degrees was a blessing. We climbed up the hill full of vineyards and apple trees to get a magnificent view of gengenbach and the adjoining villages. There is a small church up on the hill that can be seen from anywhere in the town and a nice viewing bench just below it – a serene and peaceful place to witness the sun disappear behind the mountains.

In a village town like this we were surprised to see the amount of exquisite cars and motorbikes. As later pointed out by our host, people in gengenbach are well off & satisfied with their life. Not a bad thing unless you hate it when shops and most restaurants close before 6 pm. Yes, read it right, 6 pm! Gosh! But then again, thats the beauty of small towns.

Using our konus card we visited Triberg the next morning and touristy cuckoo clocks aside the town is beautiful with a stunning multilayer waterfall. We took a bus to the very top of the waterfall and then trekked down. The smell of the forest, the reverberating sound of water flowing down and dense green cover on both sides – enchanting. The One thousand cuckoo clock store is very touristy but Triberg has some beautiful art and craft shops – almost compulsive buying!

We had a superb time in blackforest and more so due to the hospitality of the beautiful lady we stayed with at schwarzwald villa. She even packed us a picnic for our next journey to Munich and also shared some chianti wine! Got to love german people! 🙂

Tried to cover Gengenbach and Triberg as best as i could using pictures below.


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