La Pedrera – Gaudi’s final piece

Recently i was going through some old images that i had taken in Barcelona and came across the ones taken in Casa Mila, also known as La Pedrera. This happens to be the last civil building completed by Gaudi and is a masterclass in architecture.

It is said Gaudi was disappointed with Barcelona’s skyline – with ugly chimneys over every single home. He decided to use it as inspiration and built one of the most amazing roofs you will ever come across.

La Pedrera

Up Close

This structure sure has been through many renovations
This structure sure has been through many renovations
Looking up at the duct!
Looking up at the duct!

Hanging on


On the rooftop there are six staircase exits­, twenty-eight chimneys in several groupings, twisted so that the smoke came out better, two half-hidden vents whose function is to renew the air in the building, crowning the walkway that goes around this dream castle, four cupulins that discharged to the facade. The staircases also house the water tanks; some of these are snail-shaped.




Not only is it aesthetically beautiful but also scientific in the way it was built. You look around the city and there still are a few buildings built by Gaudi. However, the newer buildings pale in front of the exquisite designs of Gaudi. And although Barcelona is full of impressive architecture (for example the design building at the beach) I was still a bit surprised that his art hasn’t inspired more architects in recent years. The newer buildings are similar to what we see across Europe and for a region that had such an impressive architect i was hoping for a bit more! Greedy of me!

View from top

Roof Design



Those shapes

As from most places in the city, one can see Sagrada Familia from the roof and really good view of the city. There are still offices in the building and i bet the rent is exorbitant, but why not? Casa Mila is a unique piece of architecture and a must visit if you are in the city.


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