A view from my window!

A room is incomplete;
without a window, its just four walls of concrete.

A window in the wall,
are our eyes, no matter how small.
To a city that rolls on, or that peaceful serene dawn.

A view that captures the smell, of coffee and bread.
Locals and tourists alike, people and cars that sped.

Be it the beautiful sunrise in an ancient Indian town,
Or a calm sunset, along the desert that settles down.

But a window is a must,
for the view will tell a story.
And a window with a good view always gets the glory!

Okay, i accept, got a bit carried away there with the rhymes. But every time i plan our travels, my hostel/hotel request includes – “a room with ample sunshine” and we have been lucky to get decent views in modest places. We have compromised on facilities, read shared toilets and poor service, if the room has a decent view!

And i guess its not just about the hotels; am thrilled with the views from museums as much as what lies inside the museums. And you can’t blame me, most museums occupy really good locations so there is always a good click between those frames!

A picture speaks thousand words, but am adding a few of my own under each picture. Hope you like what you see!

I have been to Nairobi five times. But my favourite view is this one from Ole Sereni, with the national park right in front! Care for some binoculars?


On a good day, i could spot Mt. Kilimanjaro from the window of my room. Now thats special!


istanbul, Turkey.
Who can turn down a beautiful sunrise at Istanbul? This view from our window of Buhara Family Inn.


istanbul sunrise
Buhara Family Inn serves delicious breakfast every morning apart from the beautiful views!


Flying Rats
The flying rats, as my Italian friend called them, hug the morning sky.


Hotel Giorgini, Rome
One of the things we enjoyed in Rome was to observe the coffee shops downstairs from our room in hotel Giorgina. It was amazing to see them motoring from 7 am to mid-night!


Sunrise at the east cost of India, all witnessed from the bed of TTDC hotel at Mahabalipuram, India.


mahabalipuram India
Yep! That water is indeed blue! Speechless at Mahabalipuram India, TTDC balcony.


Doge's Palace
A view from Doge’s palace window in Venice


Uffizi Gallery, Florence
The window at Uffizi gallery shows the architecture of medici office and the beautiful bridges that go over the arno river in Florence, Italy.


Berlin TV Tower
A view from the old berlin art gallery window. One can’t miss the TV tower from anywhere in Berlin. We could spot it from our Circus hostel window as well.


Dubai Skyline
When in Dubai, stay higher! A view from the 54th floor with skyscrapers on one side and residential area on the other.


Dubai Night-time
And when it begins to get dark, you can see the lights dancing!


Dubai Sunset
I would have never imagined catching a sunset across the sea in a desert town of Dubai. But it does and beautifully!


River Isar, Munich
When we booked a room in an apartment via AirBnB, we were sceptical but the room had so much sunshine, was airy and perfect! River Isar flowing right across under the bridge and could see people chilling out at the river bank at sunset! Perfect!


neuschwanstein castle
A few from neuschwanstein castle – and not the best one either! But imagine the view from rest of the windows! Sad that king Ludwig didn’t get to enjoy it as much.


Berlin Moon
A moon on the lunar eclipse day from our balcony at Circus Hostel Berlin.


Home Smog
A bit cheeky now, a view from our home in India. Yikes! All the smog!


Sunset India
A fairly old picture taken from our home. Now the skyscrapers around probably have the view for themselves!


One of my favourite windows. A view from the 150+ year old home we stayed at in Blackforest. The peace tree has stood tall throughout this period, sustaining two world wars, with the town hall entrance in the background.


Alps, Switzerland
That moment when you can catch the alps from your window! View from our room in Valley Hostel, Lauterbrunnen.


Super cheeky now, a view from the plane on our way to Italy!


Swiss Air
haha, i know, i didn’t; mention windows of airplanes before but hey, it was beautiful!


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