The sucker punch

He lay there on the chair like a dead guy, empty inside. A lost man can still feel his breath to realise that there is still life left in him. But the sucker punch can sometimes take the will out of a person, the will to live life, the will to breathe.

He had been delivered a blow that was long awaited and yet it shook him like none other. Perhaps the damage was done slowly & realisation was only slower and painful. Pain that was fun to live with initially was torturous now. He looked one more blow away from the inevitable and his guard dropped, took the final one with a smile and lay down with a sense of peace. Peace of having given his all, literally.

Once inside the ring one fights for life, fights with all they have got and he did. Threw everything he had at it.

There isn’t a more demeaning site than knowing your fate before the fight begins but with an optimist hope in his heart he had fought a valiant battle.

In return he did receive the adulation and love that he longed for all his life. And yet, he went down with a feeling of having deserved more.

If life was as easy as he had hoped then he would be riding horses now, but life had other plans and it floored him like he deserved.

He lay there on the chair like a dead guy, empty inside. He could still hear his breath and his heart pump. He took a good look at himself wondering if he had tried hard enough. Wondering if he would get yet another shot, still knowing the result and yet hoping to change his fate!

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