About me & this blog..

 at piazzale michelangelo

‘Lazy’ is the word. Ask my loved ones about me and they will most certainly describe me in one word, ‘lazy’. The last time i started writing a blog, it kept me busy for less than a week before my resolution gave in to my profound laziness.

This time around, i will try to keep scribbling. Not that you are eager to read but it might serve to astonish myself. Bewilderment is good, it keeps life interesting. Let’s just say, it drives you away from the ordinary and provides you with that sense of excitement that keeps life going.

Discovering those narrow lanes, that famous place or a famous eatery is a hobby that i acquired only lately. I will make an effort to entail my travel adventures that have helped me shed my inhibitions about a particular place, culture, people or their local food.

I am not a geek but a huge fan of the word ‘internet’ and technology in general. So will scribble on technology vis-a-vis life!

Okay, that’s it about me! Hope you do like what you read or i would be back at being lazy!


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