There ain’t no revenant

Live each moment they say.
Pain or Joy, experience each day.
So I live. Chores everyday.
Until my conscience comes clean.
But like a rusted machine.

They say men are different.
They feel.
They choose.
A vision. A goal.
The path and their role.

But I tread everyday,
No Vision. No goal.
Running circles, around a hole.
A machine does better.
Algorithms to guide,
Appears go-getter.

Then again, machines are lucky.
Commit a sin.
And it’s the algorithm that’s pinned.
Men get caught in the current.
Even god willing,
There ain’t no revenant.
There ain’t no revenant.


It was winter again. The beautiful red and orange hues of fall had given away for naked brown barks and the whites of the snow. Soon the valley would be painted white, much like her mood.

Her thoughts were wearing her down as she walked through the valley with her red umbrella. It stood out against the dull winter evening, braving her on instead of embracing those dark thoughts.

As the wind rushed past her, swaying her umbrella, she thought about the positives in her life. The image of her ten year old son came to her mind.  He must have returned from school by now and waiting for her at the window, she thought. She recollected how he liked eating snow flakes and sliding down the snow. Winter was his favourite season. For her though, the dry cold and memories of the past left her gasping. Her thoughts turned sour again. She tried to shake them off as she took the last curved stretch before her home.

It was getting dark now with the sun well past the horizon; the silence in the valley dwindled only by a few lanterns. As she reached within sight of her home, she gazed upon one of the mountain peaks that was still visible. Her home had a small porch with couple of chairs overlooking part of the valley as well as the mountain peaks afar. She looked at the window, it was half open and dimly lit. As she reached near, closing her umbrella, she called out for her son but with no response. A creaking sound welcomed her home as she turned the door open, she looked around and called for him again but the silence was deafening.  She shed her belongings and took a few steps inside and towards the stairs to see if he had dozed off on the loft. He had done that before. They had a big loft with a small bed and a table that served as his personal space. A few stairs up, she stared at the empty loft, her heart was now pounding. The dry cold of the winter brought many animals to the valley and she was shaking with fear. As she turned around, she heard a few footsteps from the wooden porch outside. Her blood curdled now, she waited a second before rushing outside. The empty chairs stood witness to the dark silence. Her vision turned blurry looking at the endless stretch of darkness and the mountain peaks barely visible now.

Suddenly, she felt a hug from behind, gripping her legs. She felt the hands of her son, she touched them, turned around and hugged him tight. She cried with joy, with darkness obliterated by his presence. He smiled at her naughtily and wiped her tears. She hugged him again and realised her life had turned a new leaf, a new winter and all that mattered to her now was her son. They sat down on the porch steps looking at the snow capped mountains as snow began to pour again. He stretched his hand out to meet some snow balls. She joined him with a smile.



Consolation Pictures

The enthusiast photographer in me would have liked to picture the supermoon, the world has been talking about since last 14 hours. Unfortunately, i only got wind of it at about 8:30 pm last night. I jumped out to my terrace but by then Mr. Moon had decided to get back to being “normal”.

The skies of Mumbai looked the usual and it was only from social sites that i realised the gravity of my miss. I have assigned Siri with a crucial task yesterday, to remind me of the supermoon in 2034!

I decided to walk my disappointment with a stroll on a nearby lake. With an iPhone 5s as my only camera i did run into some consolation pictures.


Diving towards life

We are flying at about six thousand feet above sea level,
Sitting with my feet up, my hands holding on to a clamp on the side of the hard seat.
We can spot some storm clouds at a distance above the sea.
Green Mountains on the right, City full of canals on the left.
I must be in heaven i thought.
For a moment there was no sense of adventure,
I had lost track of everything else in my life,
the beauty of Empuriabrava was overwhelming.

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This past week

This past week has been eventful. Have met so many new people and remembered some that walked away. Travelling on your own, with your camera for company is an unmistakably interesting journey that reveals a whole new world and opens up new vistas; cracking some old perceptions. However, as time goes by and you see the world passing by you, some moments can make you feel really lonely!

Barcelona, I said to my family. I needed some time for myself and so I picked up a bag and caught a plane to the mediterranean city, the home of football. Continue reading “This past week”

Travel Dairy – Delhi – First Impressions

I came to Delhi expecting huge roads, big markets, beautiful gardens & hot weather. I wasn’t disappointed, though the rain throughout this Sunday has taken the bite away from the trip. We were ill prepared for the unseasoned rain but that hasn’t stopped us from having a good couple of days in the city. Continue reading “Travel Dairy – Delhi – First Impressions”

The People Puzzle

One of the great things about traveling is meeting new people. People, god’s most beautiful creation. Each one of us so different than the other. Our minds, thoughts, ambitions, decisions, virtues, beliefs, our likes and dislikes, all so different.

And it is important to meet people from across the world, just clears our perception and provides us with some great experiences. Like eight years ago before visiting Colorado I had heard so much negative about Americans in general, Continue reading “The People Puzzle”

Putting sunrises after sunsets

Being an optimist to the core, I prefer sunrises. They bring new hope & vigor which is enough to shadow any doubts or sadness that lies in my mind. Seeing the sun rise carries me through the day. Paying my respects to him is also a way of thanking him and if not for him, i did be lost in the night that seemed darker than the one before!

A fine morning in Istanbul
A fine morning in Istanbul

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