La Pedrera – Gaudi’s final piece

Recently i was going through some old images that i had taken in Barcelona and came across the ones taken in Casa Mila, also known as La Pedrera. This happens to be the last civil building completed by Gaudi and is a masterclass in architecture.

It is said Gaudi was disappointed with Barcelona’s skyline – with ugly chimneys over every single home. He decided to use it as inspiration and built one of the most amazing roofs you will ever come across.

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Diving towards life

We are flying at about six thousand feet above sea level,
Sitting with my feet up, my hands holding on to a clamp on the side of the hard seat.
We can spot some storm clouds at a distance above the sea.
Green Mountains on the right, City full of canals on the left.
I must be in heaven i thought.
For a moment there was no sense of adventure,
I had lost track of everything else in my life,
the beauty of Empuriabrava was overwhelming.

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The sweet side of Barcelona

When one thinks about Barcelona, one thinks about Gaudi, architecture, splendid beaches, rocking night life, delicious food, gothic quarters and Monserrat! Not many think of Chocolate! Am not sure how many people know that Barcelona has a tradition for chocolates! Delicious and dark! Just the way i love them.

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A walk in Barcelona

I am walking through a narrow lane, surrounded by many centuries year old buildings. They have seen it all, been through it all. They welcome my inexperienced legs as a cold breeze blows by. The sunshine has just pearced through the smaller gaps and lit up the gothic quarters with an ageless charm. Small traditional shops and cafes dote the lanes along with new establishments. And then in a typical rominisque style, the lane opens up in a beautiful square. Continue reading “A walk in Barcelona”

This past week

This past week has been eventful. Have met so many new people and remembered some that walked away. Travelling on your own, with your camera for company is an unmistakably interesting journey that reveals a whole new world and opens up new vistas; cracking some old perceptions. However, as time goes by and you see the world passing by you, some moments can make you feel really lonely!

Barcelona, I said to my family. I needed some time for myself and so I picked up a bag and caught a plane to the mediterranean city, the home of football. Continue reading “This past week”