Travel Dairy – Delhi – First Impressions

I came to Delhi expecting huge roads, big markets, beautiful gardens & hot weather. I wasn’t disappointed, though the rain throughout this Sunday has taken the bite away from the trip. We were ill prepared for the unseasoned rain but that hasn’t stopped us from having a good couple of days in the city. Continue reading “Travel Dairy – Delhi – First Impressions”

The People Puzzle

One of the great things about traveling is meeting new people. People, god’s most beautiful creation. Each one of us so different than the other. Our minds, thoughts, ambitions, decisions, virtues, beliefs, our likes and dislikes, all so different.

And it is important to meet people from across the world, just clears our perception and provides us with some great experiences. Like eight years ago before visiting Colorado I had heard so much negative about Americans in general, Continue reading “The People Puzzle”